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News and Special Projects

"Born to Explore" season 7 begins this January 5th, 2019 on PBS. Check local listings for airdates.


Feeling a bit nostalgic today and revisited a piece of music I wrote when I just started working with Lee Grant and Joseph Fury on "Intimate Portrait" for Lifetime Television. What a fantastic time working with Valerie Shepherd, Caroline King and Larissa Bills to name a few. Here is a link to the Vanessa Redgrave piece:


I just completed a score for a documentary with writer/director/producer Anja Baron called "Out of Aleppo" airing on PBS and CBS. You can check it out here:

Finished working on "Whistleblowers" with Richard Fiocca. You can watch 3 episodes here:

An orchestral arrangement I wrote for Tracy Bonham's "Brooklyn is a Symphony" is being released on her new album any day now. The song is intended to be performed with a live orchestra, in the vein of Prokofiev's "Peter and the Wolf".

Been working with  writing music for their internet commercials.

It's been great working with John Sands again, collaborating with "Zero Point Productions" .

I've been working with singer/songwriter Janice Grace on producing her new EP/Album.

"Can You Feel the Power", the theme song I wrote for Yu Gi Oh ARC V (now in it's 3rd season) can be heard here:

Yu-Gi Oh ARC V Season 3

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